About us

Findduzz, established on January 6, 2022, stands as the global frontrunner in marketing agencies. With an extensive portfolio of internet-based digital solutions, Findduzz has earned the esteemed distinction of being the #1 Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. 

Our subscription service has gained immense popularity among businesses worldwide. It offers a wide range of IT services covering areas such as marketing, design, and development to meet the needs of any business. This comprehensive, one-stop solution has positioned Findduzz as a preferred choice for many businesses.


Once a client subscribes to our services, they can rest easy, knowing that we have taken over the entire online presence of their business. We undertake all necessary tasks and steps for their business.

We give them a business report at a certain time every month. So that they understand their income-expenditure accounts. For a business, we aim to increase revenue relative to their costs. We provide 24/7 live support to our clients to help them with any issues.

Among all our services, the most popular are digital marketing and web and software development. Millions of people worldwide have used our services We try our best to provide them with excellent service.


We work with one clear objective: to simplify the process and remove barriers for new entrepreneurs and businessmen. This commitment to foster innovation and demonstrate leadership in the field drives Findduzz on its journey.

"A customer-centric approach is at the core of our operations. We are committed to making things easier for everyone, reflecting our unwavering commitment to our clients. This dedication is a testament to Findduzz's ethos and is integral to its ongoing success."